An Internet TV Star Is Born

Hello World!  When I decided to create a website to provide live tv on the internet to the masses, I had essentially three issues to discover.

Q. How much good live television is really out there on the internet?
A. Thousands of channels, with more quality entertainment channels added on a weekly basis.

Q. What are the TV links sites doing and how will my site be different?
Until now, live tv sites can be lumped into two categories: Websites that ask for money to provide you with links that you can get for free, and websites that are free, but are essentially just html links.  No intelligence built in to the system, no search capabilities, no user interaction, etc…

Q. What’s the best way to let potential users know about this new website?
Easy, make a blog 🙂

The answers to all three questions provoked me to move forward:  Hence, was born!

I have twenty years experience in building enterprise technical systems.  I am an avid tv watcher and fell in love with the concept of watching TV on the net.  The problem is, with my experience, I see when things don’t work well.  I’ve tried all of the live tv sites out there, and they don’t work the way I as a user would expect.  Therefore, I set out to build a better way. is built with myself in mind (the toughest critic out there!)  Worse, I let my wife review the site.  She is a twenty year hi-tech professional as well.  If a website can pass her tough standards, then I know I’m on to something.

I think you’ll see from the first glance at that the website was built on the principal of “Less is more.”  Less clutter, easy access to channels, and a search engine that actually brings results.

Over the coming days and weeks, I will show you how is the best way to watch live tv on the internet, and all the new and easy to use features that we’ve included to the site.   I’m looking forward to hearing from you, our readers and viewers, as well.

Together, let’s make the place to watch live tv on the internet.

Yours Truly,

Terry Michaels
Streamingthe.Net Founder