Free 71 Philippines Live Radio Stations Online

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Philippines Radio Channels Online – Click Here

Updated June 24, 2012: Now there are over 120 Channels.

103.9 FM Spirit FM Radio – Lucena City – Live Studio Webcam
105.1 Crossover FM DIGITEL
90.7 FM Love Radio Manila
911FM Bohol True FM Radio 91.1 FM
92.3 XFM DWFM News Manilla
Air Waves 101.1 FM Mellow Touch AWFM Manila
Aksyon Radyo Iloilo 720 AM
ALFA RADYO – Batangas City
ANC – ABS CBN News 24/7
ARP Atlantis Radio Philippines – Pop Love Songs
Blazin 100 Cebu City
Cool FM 90.1
Cool FM 90.1 FM Goa
COOL Radio 107.9 FM Naga City
Crossover FM 105.1 HD Baguio City
DWAV Wave 89.1 FM Manila RnB
DWBR Business Radio 104.3 FM
DWIZ 882 AM Radio Manila
DWKI Kiss FM 95.1 Lucena City
DWKX Wow FM 103.5 Mhz Manilla
DWKY Energy FM Radio Manila 91.5 FM
DWLA UR 105.9 FM Manila
DWLL Mellow Touch FM 94.7 Manila
DWRR 101.9 FM Radio For Life Manila
DWRT FM 99.5RT Cebu
DXBR Bombo Radyo AM 981 Khz Butuan City
DXGO Aksyon Radio 855 AM – Davao
DXIF Bombo Radyo AM 1188 Khz CDO Cagayan-de-Oro
DXLR Crossover 93.1 FM Davao
DXMF Bombo Radyo AM 576 Khz Davao
DXMX 105.9 Mix FM Davao City
DXOL 92.7 FM Cotabato
DXRJ Iligan 1476 AM Radio
DYAC Crossover 90.7 FM Cebu
DYBM Crossover 99.1 FM Bacolod
DYFM Bombo Radyo AM 837 Khz Iloilo
DYHP RMN Radio Pinoy 612 AM Cebu
DYIN Bombo Radyo AM 1107 Khz Kalibo
DYKT Energy FM Cebu City 91.5 FM
DYMF Bombo Radyo AM 963 Khz Cebu
DYOW Bombo Radyo AM 900 Khz Roxas
DYTX Bombo Radyo FM 95.1 Tacloban
DYWB Bombo Radyo AM 1269 Khz Bacolod
DYWB Bombo Radyo AM 801 Khz General Santos
DZAS 702 AM Valenzuela City
DZBB Globe AM 594 Khz Live
DZGB AM 729 Khz Legazpi City
DZGR Bombo Radyo AM 891 Khz Tuguegarao
DZLG Bombo Radyo AM 927 Khz Legazpi
DZMM Teleradyo 630 AM Manila
DZNC Bombo Radyo AM 801 Khz Cauayan
DZNG Bombo Radyo Naga AM 1044
DZRH AM 666 Khz
DZRH Radyo Natin FM 105.5 Mhz
DZRH TV Manila Live
DZRJ AM 810 Khz
DZSO Bombo Radyo AM 720 Khz La Union
DZSR 918 AM Sports Radio Manila
DZVR Bombo Radyo Laoag AM 711 Khz
DZVV Bombo Radyo AM 603 Khz Vigan
DZWN Bombo Radyo – Dagupan 1125 AM
DZWX Bombo Radyo AM 1035 Khz Baguio
DZXL RMN News AM 558 Khz
Eingemar Air Wave Radio Davao
Energy FM Dagupan 90.3
GMA 7 Philippines News Videos
Good Morning Philippines FM – Movies
Home Radio 97.9 FM
Home Radio 97.9 FM 97dot9 Manila
Hot FM 100.5 FM Dipolog DXHD
Hot FM Dagupan 106.3 FM
Hot FM Hamtic Antique 106.9 FM
iFM 103.9 Baguio Radio Pinoy
iFM 1039 Baguio Radio
iFM 93.9 Manila DWKC
IFM Dagupan 104.7 Mhz
iFM DWHB 93.9 FM Manila – Baguio City
iRadio Manila Digitel
Jam 88.3 FM
Jam 88.3 Globe
K-Lite 103.5 FM
Kalibo 100.1 FM Love Radio Boracay
Lips106 FM – Manila (Not always online)
Love Notes Digitel
Love Radio FM DXMB 95.1 FM Butuan
Lovers FM Cebu City
Magic 89.9 FM DWTM Manila
Max FM 103.5 FM
Monster Radio RX 93.1 FM
Monster Radio RX 93.1 FM Manila
Net 25 Manila TV
Nu Rock 107.5 FM Manila
One Radio 91.3 FM Tabaco City
PBS DZRB Radyo ng Bayan 738 khz Quezon City
Philippines TV – UNTV
Power 92.3 FM Naga City Radio & Studio Webcam
Radio Boracay 106.1 FM – Island Reggae
Radio Crossover 105.1 FM Manila DWBM
Radio DZRB Radyo ng Bayan 738 khz AM
Radio Manila iFM 104.7 Mhz
Radio Philippines Online Radio Station – Pinoy Radio – Philippines OnLine Music Radio
Radyo Dominico 102.3 FM
Radyo Singko 5 News Manilla
RAKISTA Radio Pinoy Rock
RGMA DYRU Super Radyo FM 92.9 Mhz Aklon
RJ 96.5 FM Tuguegarao
RJ Underground 105.9 FM
RJFM Manila 100 DZRJ FM
RMN Bacolod DYHB 747 AM
RMN Cagayan de Oro DXCC 828 AM
RMN Manila DZXL 558 Khz AM Manila
RX Cebu 105.9 FM
Shoradio Cebu
SkieFM Radio
The Old Path TV – Manila – Religious
Truth Caster TV – Manila – Religious
XFM 92.3 FM – Manila U92
Xplanet Radio Goa Camarines Sur
Yes FM 101.1 Manila
Zone 105 FM Naga City

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  1. I would like to add our statation power 92.3 Fm naga city cam. sur a internet radio only, non-commercial radio station. if ever send or contact me via email on how to add my station . thx

    randy emploma
    Power 92.3 FM owner

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