Watching Live Hawaii TV KGMB Honolulu

One of the coolest things about live tv on the internet is that with a simple click you can transport yourself to so many different cultures and locations. I was fascinated to see Live Hawaiian TV streaming from Honolulu. Granted, I’ve never been to Hawaii. They are speaking English, and you can sense a slight accent, but the TV anchors really sound like it’s a small town news show.

Watch KGMB 9 Honolulu TV on StreamingThe.Net

They aren’t always online.  I have found their broadcast to be streaming usually during the morning and evening Hawaii time (which i think is a couple hours behind PST/California).

I found this to be very interesting, especially seeing their traffic report.  From the looks of it, the island is so congested that locals (e.g. not tourists) would rather stay at home than try to fight the highway traffic to their jobs.  Let us know if you find anything interesting about this newscast.

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